Benitses is one of the top tourist destinations in Corfu.

Is a very old and traditional village with the old part built in a gorgeous location. In the middle of a valley that reaches the sea and has kept its natural beauty intact despite the intense activity and large tourist development since the decade of 60s.

An idyllic place, worldwide famous in the past, with current presence in tourism and great prospects for the future that every tourist to Corfu must visit.

Benitses is an amazing combination of mountains and sea with excellent tourist facilities such as hotels of all categories, rooms, and studios.

Benitses Facilities

There are restaurants for every taste from traditional Greek cuisine to those with Chinese cuisine.

Nightlife with many bars and nightclubs, and in particular the shelter of tourist boats (Marina) with a great capacity for hundreds of tourist yachts.


The beaches in Benitses are very clean, with crystal clear water and awarded with EU blue flag. A mix of shingles and sand, offering sunbeds, comforts, and plenty of sea sports. These beaches have no relation with the small nearly not existing beaches of the 90s.

Info about the area

This travel blog to Benitses in Corfu aims to help prospective visitors. By providing all information about Benitses and the holidays in Corfu in general.

With details for almost all the hotels, rooms, restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and all tourist facilities available in Benitses.

Residents are hospitable, friendly, and familiar with most foreign cultures.

An online hotel reservation system for Benitses and Corfu hotels is also available.

Celebrations and Culture

Benitses guide with detailed references to the manners and customs of local society. Descriptions about Benitses celebrations and festivals that are organized here throughout the year and especially during the summer months.

With a list of the best beaches in Corfu. The sights and places worth to visit in Benitses such as the sea museum, the ancient Roman baths, the Achilliοn palace in Corfu, etc.

A special page dedicated to the famous Easter in Corfu.

Photos and Maps

With many new photos from Benitses and pictures and photos from the whole island.

Also Benitses aerial photos and a unique collection of very old black and white historic photos showing how the place and our ancestors were in the past.

There are detailed maps of Benitses with all roads and secret paths in the area.

Corfu guide with maps of Corfu island and maps of Corfu town. Presentation of most important sights in Corfu and the best beaches of Corfu, especially those on the west coast of the island.

Corfiot cuisine

It also contains reports and articles about the culture and a complete list of all Corfu museums. Articles about cultural events and celebrations, descriptions of Corfu archaeological sites.

This blog even includes recipes for the principal food of the local Corfiot cuisine. Articles on the typical but beautiful local dialect. And finally extensive references to the history of Benitses.


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