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Cultural and Redevelopment Association of Benitses


Founded in 1982, with the aim of reviving and showing our customs and traditions.  It has contributed to the preservation of tradition as well as the development of our cultural sector.  The basic responsibilities are related with the events that take place and include: the church choir and folklore dancing for children from a young age up to adult groups as well, with activities surpassing the boundaries of Corfu.  It has also established the sardine fest in august as well as the St. Marina festival on the 17th of July who is the patron saint of Benitses. 

There are many more events of an artistic nature organised throughout the year.The association has managed, after efforts going back many years to make many members dream come true, to buy our own traditional folklore costumes.  Another ambition of our association is to eventually own our own space where we will create a museum where we can exhibit our historical past and future plans of our land, so that our visitors can get a better idea of who we are through our traditions and customs.Another important aim is to stimulate the youth and make them more aware of our traditions, and by giving them the initiative so that our land can go that one step further and escape from the inactivity and norms of the last few years.

The love of our members for our efforts is what motivates us and gives us power to continue and develop our activities further.  We love tradition, we love our land and we try continuously by giving our best to serve with dedication and more strength our history and  constant redevelopment of our village.


The president and Board of the Cultural and Redevelopment Association of Benitses.

Festivities and Grand Events


Epiphany (Theofania) - celebration of the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist (St. John). The day is marked by blessing the waters at the Benitses marina accompanied by the Philharmonic orchestra.


25th of March (began the uprising that started the War for Independence from the Othoman Empire) – all three folklore groups of Benitses take part in the celebrations of the 25th of March in the Municipal theatre of Corfu which is organised by Laodamas.


Holy Good Saturday - The Resurrection ( Megalo Savahto) - On Holy Saturday there is a Resurrection Mass at 11 p.m. followed at midnight by darkness symbolizing Jesus passing through the underworld, and finally by fireworks in the center of Benitses and a candle light procession through the streets symbolizing Jesus's resurrection.  The Lent fast is broken by eating red-dyed eggs and mageiritsa soup widely available in the restaurants surrounding the Benitses square.


Easter Monday – Litany starts at St Nikolas church at the  Tsaki area in the southern part of Benitses accompanied by the philharmonic and ends in Benitses.


Sunday of Thomas – Every Sunday after easter a litany beggins at Aghia Paraskevi church ending in Benitses accompanied by the philharmonic.


Miroforon Sunday (third Sunday after Easter) – Litany starts at St. Nikolas (Vrisiliotis – near the water springs of Benitses on the mountain) and ends in Benitses.


Mayday – Local fiesta with folklore dancing and traditional greek music in the main square of Benitses.


23rd of June Eve of St. John´s – the local womens association revives theancient custom of leaping over bonfires made from May Day wreaths at the Benitses square accompanied by live music.


August – In early August there is a Sardine Fest co organised by the Municipality of Achileion and the local Association for Culture and Redevelopment.  Lots of wine and grilled sardines together with live music, make this a great summer festival.

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